All About Me

I am a working professional photographer in the Richmond VA area.

My work emphasis lighting, composition and natural environments and people interacting with each other.  My latest works centers around the digital manipulations using traditional images and images from my father’s album.  The series is entitled: “My father’s garden”.  It examines light, relationships, historical perceptions and vibrant colors to tell a story of family rituals, beliefs and continued cultivation of hope

My educational background includes a M. F. A., master’s in fine arts from Virginia Commonwealth University and an undergraduate degree from Columbia College in Chicago.

I have taught at several colleges and universities.  Teaching Beginning and Advance courses in photography. 

I am currently working as a high school photo teacher at an independent school. I love it!

Before returning to the teaching and still photography arena, I worked as a news photographer/editor with NBC-12 for 4 years.

My clients include:  Dominion Virginia Power, Martin Agency, Bryant Stith, former NBA player, Virginia Commonwealth University, Society of Photographic Educators, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL, The Black History Museum and Cultural Center, The National Health Institute and The Center of Disease Control. And, several private collectors.

I have been working as a professional photographer since 1987.

D.Dilworth 2021

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